DigitalTV Platform

DigitalTV platform is consisting of advanced networks in out-of-home (OOH) environments, delivering interactive video entertainment programming and immersive brand experiences across HD LCD-TV screens powered by the Company’s proprietary platform.

Voyager’s technology uniquely enables any mobile device to act as a remote control, empowering consumers to activate on-demand content on digital screens via text message or mobile application.

Currently, Voyager’s Digital TV platform is being deployed at high-profile shopping malls in Top DMAs and leading universities across the USA.

Our software enables brand sponsors to engage young, media-elusive demographics; capture actionable behavioral data; and unobtrusively integrate higher-performing digital marketing into consumer-initiated experiences – near purchase proximity, as well as post-visit. With this ability to drive user engagement, network sponsors can build more meaningful consumer relationships, drive differentiated brand strategies, and achieve higher ROI on marketing spend.


Voyager is supporting and implementing software for the DDEX suite of standards for the digital media supply chain. The standards define how information between companies generating digital assets and companies consuming such assets should be communicated. Their aim is to automate the exchange of information and standardize the format of how information is represented and the method by which the information is exchanged.

Voyager is in close co-operation with both sides in order to deliver software conforming to the standards while at the same time it takes part, in field tests with companies such as Sony and WMG.


Armos logo

ARMOS™ (Automatic Remote Mobile Ordering System) was developed by Voyager as the software solution for SAP™ to enhance the communication between the ERP system and its users and decrease call center workload.

ARMOS enables you to mobilize your business, fully exploiting your existing infra-structure and extending your tested and structured business processes beyond enterprise boundaries.

ARMOS allows you to connect any mobile device to SAP, ensuring instant access to accurate, up-to-date, real-time SAP data both to field and headquarters.

More specifically, ARMOS enhances communication options between customer and supplier, decreasing the workload of the customer call center. Also, ARMOS enables mobile sales force to become more effective, by creating a direct link to customers, and improving the company’s direct marketing abilities.

ARMOS enables companies to integrate the customer into their existing sales process, by allowing customers to automatically place an order via their mobile phone or any other mobile device (PDA, Barcode scanner) and instantly get a confirmation. This results a direct increase in terms of customer satisfaction and total sales.

Customer specific information can be relayed directly to the customer, offering direct marketing approach a new standard of interactivity. ARMOS™ offers your company a direct and instant link to the customer. Special offer, quantity dis-count and surveys can be conducted fast and effective.


GameRay Logo

In its early stage Voyager Software Solutions has developed GameRay – a solution that enabled stores to deliver content directly to a customer at the point of sale. At the time of the development the main challenge for delivering digital content to customers was the charging scheme. Customers had to be charged either on his/her credit card or the phone bill, with additional air time charges for transferring the content. GameRay enabled in-store charge of the user, while content is immediately transferred from a PC equipped with a Bluetooth or Infrared device directly to the mobile handset. Furthermore GameRay was provider independent, making the distribution of the content more widespread. Also there was no need for special setup on the customer’s mobile device in order to have access to content as would normally do when using WAP.

More than 70 games were offered through GameRay, while additional content (Songs, Logos, Images, MMS, SMS, Ringtones) was added later.

GameRay solution was composed from a web site where the content is stored, the GameRay client and a USB Infrared or Bluetooth port.

With GameRay installed in a store:

  • Customer browses the mobile content from home, inside the store or from a printed catalogue.
  • Customer selects mobile content and informs the store assistant.
  • The store assistant goes through the process of downloading the game or application to the customer’s phone.

A kiosk version of it was also developed to allow for in store self service.

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