Ten reasons why you should join us

  • Because we provide for an environment where you will hone your software skills
  • Because we know the difference between a “software program” and a “software product”
  • Because you will have the opportunity to work with tools that other companies have only heard of
  • Because we solve problems from a wide range of the software spectrum
  • Because we work with the latest in software technology
  • Because our products are used in the world’s most advanced market, the U.S.
  • Because we have a great team with friendly people
  • Because our company is constantly expanding and you will have a lot of chances in getting in higher positions
  • Because we provide with a competitive remuneration package
  • Because we are one of the few companies in Greece whose members have recognized US patents and our patent portfolio continuous to grow

Check out our available positions or our positions for student practice placement.

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